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When an person has been picked up for the possession of an illegal substance, he or she must think beyond the immediate arrest and charges brought against them. Drug charges run the spectrum from infractions to felonies, and a seemingly minor drug arrest has the potential to turn into a more serious charge as the investigation proceeds. No drug arrest is ever cut and dry, which is why having an experienced drug offense attorney on your side is imperative to mounting an adequate defense against a drug charge.

Classifying Drug Offenses in California

The penalties for drug offenses are highly dependent upon the circumstances of an individual’s arrest and the charges the prosecution chooses to bring against the arrestee. Whether an individual will be charged with an infraction, misdemeanor, or a felony is determined by the type and amount of illegal substance the person is holding and whether or note the police believe there was an intent to distribute. In some cases, a drug offense is labeled a wobbler, which may be charged as (and carry the penalties of) either a misdemeanor or a felony, at the decision of the prosecutor or the judge.

Aggressive Representation in Martinez, CA

Drug convictions have impact beyond the criminal penalties of fines and jail terms. A criminal conviction goes on a person’s criminal record, which can prevent the person from getting jobs in some industries, joining some professional organizations, and attending some educational institutions.

When an individual has been arrested for a drug offense in Northern California, that person needs an attorney with ample experience in defending clients against drug charges. Attorney Howard Williams is a board-certified specialist in criminal defense who has helped multiple clients arrested for possession and other drug offenses in Contra Costa, Alameda, Solano and Sacramento Counties. Attorney Williams provides his clients with the guidance and defense they need to fight the charges brought against them by the police and prosecution, so they can keep drug convictions off of their records and avoid criminal penalties and long-term consequences.

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