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Being arrested for a DUI can have a major impact on a person’s life. Not only can a first offense carry maximum fines and penalties up to $3,600, a jail sentence of up to six months, and a six-month suspension of an individual’s driver’s license, but a DUI is a criminal offense which compounds over time. Every time a person is convicted, the penalties for DUI get more severe, which is why it is so essential to keep a first DUI off of a person’s record.

DUI Penalties in California

Minimum penalties for a first DUI offense in California include fines and penalties around $1,800, loss of driver’s license for 30 days, a 48-hour jail sentence or additional five-month license restriction, and completion of a three-month alcohol treatment program

Arrest for a second DUI offense increases suspension of a driver’s license to one year, jail time to 96 hours, and requires completion of an 18-month alcohol treatment program and installation of an ignition interlock device to on all household vehicles.

A third-time offense increases the minimum jail sentence to 120 days, and requires the revocation of a driver’s license for three years and completion of a 30-month alcohol treatment program.

DUI Arrest in California

DUI arrests are distinctive in that they are not generally made on an officer’s observations alone. Arrests are made following field sobriety tests, which may include physical mobility tasks or the use of a breathalyzer to determine blood alcohol content. Though, testing may make it seem as if the police have a clear case against an arrestee, and there is little the individual can offer by way of defense, that is rarely the case. Field sobriety testing is known to be unreliable, and there are many ways to fight a DUI charge.

Get Help from a DUI Attorney in Martinez

Whatever the circumstances of a DUI arrest, an arrestee needs a criminal defense attorney who has experience in defending clients against charges of driving under the influence. Board-certified criminal defense specialist Howard Williams represents clients facing DUI charges in the counties of Contra Costa, Alameda, Solano, and Sacramento.

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