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Great lawyer

All the lawyers at Lieber Williams were gerat. Howard and Gary did a great job with my case and Jason kept me informed. Howard was the one with the plan and it was carried out perfect. They aren’t the absolute cheapest out there but the results were worth the cash. I’d go with Howard again without a doubt

- (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney and Great Results

First i want to thank Howard L Williams who is currently my attorney i got lucky and was court appointed him and i now truly believe I must have someone watching out for me because i never have been this lucky. I am beyond satisfied with what the outcome is going to be with my case and i believe it was only made possible due to him. Thank You Howard and i will see you in court towards the end of this month. I have recommended you to several people and still do in fact just finished doing so thats how i stumbled across this page.

- (5 star review)

Howard Williams knows what he is doing!

I was involved in a DUI/DWI related accident in March of 2015. After my initial hearing and meeting with the Public Defender, it was clear I needed a REAL lawyer and someone who was willing to give my case a thorough review. After searching AVVO, I submitted my case for a free review and was contacted by 3 lawyers. The first two had very similar pitches as to why they should be my lawyer, but didn’t give the feeling that they had my best interests at heart. I received a phone call from Howard Williams, and knew within the first 5 minutes that this guy knew what he is talking about, and that he already had several ideas on how to approach my case.

As of 11/4/2015, my entire case has been completed from start to finish. I could not have asked for better results, as Howard not only saved me from losing my license, but also saved me thousands of dollars by finding flaws in my case and getting my charges reduced to a “wet reckless” and some other charges dropped. Instead of the court appointed 18 days of work alternative program (instead of jail time), Howard negotiated down to only 5 days needed to be served.

Without Howard I feel that things would have been much different, and that I would still be dealing with the headache of this whole ordeal from a poor judgement on my part of driving a vehicle while under the influence. I would recommend Howard to anyone in a similar situation as he is genuine and more than fairly priced for the services he provides. Personally, I feel that I owe him much more than he charged me. And I say this in the best way possible, I hope I never have to use Howard again for his legal services, as I have learned my lesson and never want to be in the situation again!

- (5 star review)

One of the two best decisions I ever made was hiring this firm

I’m not proud of this, even though it was more than a year ago now, but I was charged earlier this year with a third-time DUI that had happened 9 months before. The case had never gotten filed by the D.A., and even though I had gone to court when I was told to, the cops came to my house 9 months later and arrested me in the middle of the night. I was told by the cops that I would have to spend 120 days in jail at least because that is the standard 3rd DUI sentence under law.
At that point, got a lawyer to handle this case for me, and then checked into rehab. Howard Williams was the lawyer, and I honestly didn’t know lawyers like this existed. He had to persuade me to fight the case even when I just wanted to do the jail time and get it over with. He didn’t strong-arm me into fighting, but he did get me to trust him and I chose to follow his advice and fight rather than pleading out.
Bottom line: NO JAIL TIME! He was able to get me the ankle monitor and a much shorter sentence instead, and I was allowed to still go to work every day. I had served 10 days jail on my SECOND DUI, but NONE on my third! The other more important bottom line: he also recommended I check into rehab because he said it would make his job easier, and I’m happy to report that I’m clean and sober, coming up on a year now.

- (5 star review)

Results speak for themselves

I hired Howard to handle my DUI case. I didn’t have a lot of hope, honestly, since my blood alcohol level was .18. Howard said there were a couple of issues he had to pursue before he could advise me on what to do. He did two different hearings where the cop had to testify and cop finally got angry and gave us some great testimony. All I had to plead to was reckless driving and got to keep my license!

- (5 star review)

Highly Recommended!!!

This was my first and only DUI, and as you can imagine, I had no clue about where to start, how to find a lawyer, or what the process was going to be with the DMV and courts for the next few months which really freaked me out. As a working professional, I had to make sure I kept my license to get to and from work otherwise it would cause major issues for me. I had originally signed with a different lawyer because I had asked a friend if he knew any criminal defense attorneys I could call and he recommended me a lawyer, so naturally I took his word for it and signed without much other research on other firms in the area. HUGE mistake!!!! Not only was this lawyer overpriced, asking for $7500 for the case which I stupidly agreed to, telling me what I wanted to hear, and just your typical “sleazy” lawyer, he did absolutely nothing on my case for months and months and just kept continuing my court dates. When I’d call for updates, he barely knew who I was or what my case was and I quickly lost more and more confidence in him representing me properly. I ended up firing him and started shopping around for other lawyers, but ultimately I had the most confidence in Howard Williams from Lieber Williams & Labin, who handled my case. Unlike the other lawyers I talked to, Howard spent an initial hour with me on a FREE consultation. The others didn’t want to hear much detail about my case until I signed their retainer and paid them. They just told me what I wanted to hear which is that they could win my case. Howard went over the ins and outs of my case with me, told me what his strategy was going to be and why he felt that was the best strategy to go in with, where the police had made mistakes and how we can use that to our advantage, what he REALISTICALLY thought he could do with my case, and outlined to me all of the next steps so I knew what to expect. I felt so much better and finally felt like I had someone on my side who could truly help me.

My whole case took about 6 months to close out and every step of the way, Howard updated me with what happened at each and every court date, and how the case was progressing. The best part is, Howard ultimately got my charges reduced so I didn’t end up with a DUI on my record and at a lower cost than what I paid my first lawyer to do nothing!!!! All I can say is the system makes this whole process painful enough, and you need someone on your side who is competent, knows the courts, and knows how to do the right thing for your case! I got through mine thanks to Howard at Lieber Williams & Labin. I know I’ll never be drinking and driving again, but I feel really lucky that I was able to come out with the outcome I did and I know it took a really good lawyer like Howard to get me the deal I got. I would definitely recommend this firm, to anyone in my boat or with a criminal case on their hands!

- (5 star review)

Smart attorney and great result

My case was a DUI situation which, for me, was incredibly important because I could not afford to get a DUI conviction otherwise I would lose my job (I need a driver’s license and I do a lot of work in Canada, who won’t let you across the border with a DUI conviction). Howard outlined a strategy he would follow to maximize my chances of getting the result I needed, and it worked. I honestly don’t know everything about how he did it, but I do know I got my charge reduced to a “dry reckless” and didn’t lose my license. I’m very grateful.

- (5 star review)

Helped me with difficult case

I had no criminal record prior to this dui and I’m glad I got a reliable and trustworthy attorney like Howard Williams. I had a passenger with me when I totaled my vehicle by crashing into a residential front yard. Luckily, the injuries were not serious. However, the judicial system really tried to make my life difficult by charging me with an injury felony even though the insurance company had proof that no medical claims were made against me. I also had a high alcohol reading that would send me straight to a 9 month dui class program which would ruin my work and study schedule. Luckily Howard was the only lawyer who took my call patiently and drafted a sound battle plan. After 6 months of negotiation, Howard successfully made the court reduce the felony to a misdemeanor by dropping the injury charge. The 9 months dui class was cut down to 3 months and the jail time was replaced with the weekend work program.

- (5 star review)

Thank you Howard!

I got into a situation that I don’t even want to go into, but suffice it to say it’s the one and only time I’ve ever faced a criminal charge in my life (or ever will). I did consultations with 3 other attorneys, but chose Howard Williams because the other guys seemed like they were willing to say anything to get my money. Howard was very knowledgeable and went over many different approaches he would take on the case depending on how things played out, etc. It was obvious that he had done this hundreds of times before and knew the details of how the system works and how to get good results for people. I chose him, even though he cost a little more, and I’m so thankful that I did. My case was not easy but he was able to get a result that I didn’t think was possible (and I’m not sure I deserved!). I would recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal attorney.

- (5 star review)

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all you have done for me in my DUI case. Your work was superb and the not guilty verdict proved this. I am very appreciative of how hard you worked for me, just as if I were family. I am happy to have had you on my side

- (5 star review)

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